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DR. RECKEWEG R73 Spondarthrin Combination product. Dosage form: liquid Ingredients: ARNICA MONTANA ROOT 4[hp_X] in 50mL, BRYONIA DIOICA ROOT 4[hp_X] in 50mL, LEDUM PALUSTRE TWIG 4[hp_X] in 50mL, SULFURIC ACID 6[hp_X] in 50mL, SILVER 12[hp_X] in 50mL, CAUSTICUM 12[hp_X] in 50mL. DR. RECKEWEG R73 - Spondarthrin Joint Drops 22 ml Indications: Osteoarthritis especially of the large joints, arthritis of the knee and hip joint, osteoarthritis of the vertebrae. Dosage: To begin with giving 10-15 drops in some water 4-6 times daily. After 2-3 weeks treatment, the dosage may be. Dr. Reckeweg Ashwagandha Mother Tincture helps in reducing stress, strain and fatigue. It supports vitality and also helps in enhancing immunity. It calms down the nervous system and helps in boosting body functions. It is also useful in curing sleeplessness and constipation. About Brand: Established in 1938, Dr. Reckeweg & Co GMBH is India's highest selling German Homoeopathic Brand. With a wide range of World famous Specialities R1 to R89, Biochemic Tablets, Biocomb Tablets, Homoeo Tablets, Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Cineraria Eye Drops & more, this company manufactures high-quality homeopathy medicines and is a total & safe cure for daily health. Shop Dr. Reckeweg Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera 1X Q Liquid 20 ml online at low price. Search Homeopathy products like Mother tinctures, Dilutions, Speciality medicines from Netmeds. Order wide range of Others and get doorstep delivery anywhere in India.

Ans: Dr. Reckeweg Ashwagandha Mother Tincture Q is a medication which has Ashwagandha as an active element present in it. This medicine performs its action by enhancing immunity, reducing stress, strain, and fatigue$1.Dr. Reckeweg Ashwagandha Mother Tincture Q is used to treat conditions such as Its useful in Insomnia, weakness, anemia, rheumatic pains, general debility, impotence and. Buy Dr. Reckeweg R73 50mL at the best price $29.49 Get Vitamins & Supplements and Supplements at a discounted prices at. Dr. Reckeweg’s R – 73 is a good medicine for Joints pain especially large joints. Which can be a serious hindrance to your daily activities. The composition of these medicines help in reducing swollenness and increase fluidity in movement. Those having arthralgia, rheumatic joint. Drug information for DR. RECKEWEG R17 Cobralactin Combination Product by PHARMAZEUTISCHE FABRIK DR. RECKEWEG & CO. Includes: facts,.

Reckeweg R71 drops is a safe and natural homeopathic treatment for Sciatica which occurs as a result of pinched nerve in the lower back. When a slipped disc occurs also known as or herniated or ruptured disc, also medically known as Prolapsed Inter-vertebral Disc the sciatic nerve is the most commonly affected nerve resulting in sciatica nerve root pain of the sciatic nerve. Dr. Reckeweg R73 - Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathic Supplements - Where to buy Dr Reckeweg R73 homeopathic remedy in Canada? Shop Online Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathic Medicine at Find all Reckeweg homeopathy products such as: Dr Reckeweg R73 in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec, Ontario, Canada, USA. Dr Reckeweg R73 review.

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